Refillable Mosquito Repellent Clip

Enjoy your activities all day long, and have a safe deep sleep at night without having to worry about mosquitos.


  • each pack includes: one clip with 2 replacement pellets for 30 days/ 24 hr protection
  • attach the clip near you
  • 15 consecutive days efficacy per pellet
  • the pellet is impregnated with 7 essiential oils extracted from plants from all over the world, which naturally protects from mosquitos
  • for the whole family! Para'Kito™ is suitable for pregnant women and young children
  • recommended for individuals suspectible to skin allergies and irritations: chemical and alcohol free
  • for all activities: lightweight & waterproof
  • for all geographic areas: tropical and temperate
  • comes in colourful designs
  • designs may vary