About Us

Baby Service Bali was founded with the passion to make your family holiday in Bali even more relaxed and enjoyable. Our services enable young families to travel light while enjoying the comfort of professional baby equipment and supplies. You want the best for your child and so do we!

The two founders of Baby Service Bali are Sandra Scheuring, a native of Bavaria, Germany, and I Kadek Endra, who was born and raised in Singaraja, Bali. With our unique combination of German efficiency and Balinese local knowledge, we are excited to support you in every way we can to provide you with top-quality products and fulfill all their little hearts’ desires.

Sandra comes from a family who operates a thriving business in wholesale plumbing and heating supplies. After serving in the family business for 14 years, in 2006, she decided it was time to expand her horizons by traveling to Bali. Although she had just wanted to take some time off for a quick holiday, Sandra became enchanted with the Island of the Gods and ended up spending 3 years exploring the Indonesian archipelago. During that time, she met Kadek, who made a living guiding visitors on horseback across Bali’s beautiful beaches and rice fields.

Having fallen in love with the island, Sandra knew her life would take place in Bali from now on. For the past 3 years, she has been in charge of guest relations for the Swiss based company Bali Style Villas. Sandra ensures that guests who come to Bali and stay in a private villa are being cared to their every need. In this role, she mainly takes care of families travelling with children. For most of Sandra’s guests, Bali is a long way from home and over time she has come to realize that parents would truly appreciate having customized baby equipment available in their villa or at their hotel right upon arrival. So why not make travel planning for young families easier by providing a service that allows for necessary arrangements to be made in advance!? With this idea, Baby Service Bali was born.

Since early 2011 Baby Service Bali offers its customers: